Hempful Chicken Stix
Hempful Chicken Stix
Hempful Chicken Stix

Hempful Chicken Stix

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Our Hempful Chicken Stix are the perfect treat for your pets suffering from pain and anxiety. Not only will your pets love the flavor of these treats, but they will reap the benefits from the CBD in each treat.

Nature’s Pet Herbals customers have used our products to help ease their pets separation anxiety, reduce inflammation, increase lost appetites, and relieve any pain their pets may be feeling. Additionally, pet owners have been used to help older pets who are struggling with getting around as easily as they could when they were younger.

Nature’s Pet Herbals Hempful Chicken Stix Features:

  • 5 MG of pure CBD per stick
  • 12 sticks per container
  • No preservatives, additives, or pesticides
  • Cage-free chicken

Recommended Dosage:

  • For animals weighing less than 25 pounds, give ½ stick daily
  • For animals weighing more than 25 pounds, give 1 stick daily