8" Large Antler

8" Large Antler

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Antlers are Grade A, fresh whole antler from the USA only!

Long-Lasting!: Antler chews are long lasting much longer than chews made of compacted starch or rawhide.

Safe chewing!: Whole deer antlers for dogs are much less likely to chip or splinter than processed bones as the chewing grinds the antler chew down slowly.

Healthy!: Antlers contain many beneficial nutrients and nothing artificial.

Odor and stain-free!: Antlers have virtually no odor or residue to get on your carpet or furniture.

Variety!: Antler chews vary in shape, thickness and color. No two are alike and your dog will enjoy the variety in his chews.

Best quality: As antlers for dog chews get more popular, some sellers are offering low quality, small, old, chalky, antler that is likely to splinter.

Safe Chewing Hints: When giving your dog an antler or any hard dog chew, we recommend the following: Supervise your dog. Be very careful giving hard chews (such as antlers) to aggressive chewers as it is possible they could break a tooth. Do not allow your dog to attempt to break the chew in half with his back teeth. Do not allow your dog to consume more than 1/2" to 1" per day. If you need to get the antler away from your dog and he doesn't know "drop it", you can trade him for a tasty treat such as a Pack Approved Chicken Wafer, Yellow Fin Tuna Jerky or Chicken Slims.