Soothe Aches and Anxiety: How to Safely Use CBD for Pets

CBD oil is a great alternative to treat pain and relieve anxiety for your pet. Although you may know CBD oil is safe for people, you may wonder if the product is also safe for pets.

Keep reading to learn what type of CBD for pets is safe and how you can administer it. 

Is CBD Safe for Pets?

When you are considering CBD oil for your pet, you want to ensure the product is safe. CBD for cats and CBD for dogs is safe so long as you understand there are different types and not all of them are safe for animals. 

CBD isolate is 99.99% pure CBD and is not recommended for pets. Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains terpenes and no THC but is a product you use with caution for your pet. Full-spectrum CBD oil also contains terpenes and has THC (0.3% or less) and is safe. 

You can avoid the confusion of what type of oil you can use for your pet by getting CBD oil formulated for pets 

Can You Give Pets Human CBD Oil?

Human CBD oil is just as safe for pets is it is for people. However, you do want to keep three things in mind to ensure safe use for your pets.

Check the THC level of your CBD oil and never give anything more than 0.03%. Start off with smaller doses than what you see on the bottle and monitor your pet. Talk with your vet before you decide to give your pet CBD oil, especially if they have health conditions

All mammals (humans and animals) have an endocannabinoid system. While animals may process CBD oil in a different way than humans because they have slightly different cannabinoid receptors, they can still benefit from CBD oil as people do. 

Treating Pain and Anxiety With CBD Oil

When you get CBD oil for your pet, you want to make sure you keep it in a cool, dry place anytime you do not use it. It's easy to administer when you need it. You just have to lift up your pet's lips and squirt the oil on their gums. 

Cats and dogs often enjoy the taste if you're worried whether or not they will take it. Some pets are picky though so you may want to hide the oil by putting it in their food. There are also CBD treats for pets available. Another option you can do is rub the product into their inner ear. 

Take the size of your pet into consideration when you are doing the dosing. You can ease pain and anxiety by giving your pet 1ml (under 25 pounds), 2ml (26-75 pounds), and 3ml (pets over 75 pounds).

CBD for Pets Is Effective and Safe 

CBD for pets is as effective as it is safe for treating pain and anxiety when you understand the type of CBD oil you can use and how to give it. You should only use CBD oil that is THC-free for less than 0.3% THC for your pets. 

You can shop for CBD oil on our site to ensure you are providing a safe product to your pet.