Pet Health Care 101: Is CBD Right for Your Pet?

Pet health care is a growing industry that has now expanded into CBD.

Whether you've heard about the great results or you've tried CBD yourself, you may be wondering how you can share those benefits with your pet. 

CBD for pets is one of the fastest-growing elements of the CBD market. It's no wonder you have questions about if this could be right for your pet.

So is CBD right for your pet? Take a look at this pet health advice to find out ways to tell if your pet may need CBD treatment. 

Your Pet Experiences Anxiety

Our animals can suffer from anxiety in all types of situations and periods in their lives. If your pet has any one of these common anxiety problems or symptoms, CBD may be a good fit for your pet.


Anxiety manifests itself differently in all pets. Depending on the breed, your animal's background, and current living situation, your pet could be suffering from a form of anxiety.

Changes in your pet's environment are often a significant cause of anxiety. Moving, changing their brand of food, or the addition of a new person or pet to your family can stress your pet out.

Trembling, whimpering, panting, and pacing are only a few ways anxiety can show up in an animal. Less apparent signs like licking their lips and excessive yawning can also be indicators that your pet is stressed. 

Sometimes, behaviors that we interpret as misbehaving can also be signs of an animal in distress. If your pet is always destroying something when you're gone, has accidents inside, or has a short and disinterested attention span, CBD may be your answer.

If your pet shows these symptoms, visit your vet and ask if your pet may have an anxiety disorder. While behavior training and removing stimuli can improve conditions in your home, this, in addition to a CBD supplement, maybe just what your pet needs to stay calm.

Separation Anxiety

Many pet parents experience the effects of separation anxiety once they leave their pets alone. 

Even though it may seem like it, your pet isn't necessarily begging for your attention. Chances are he's lonely and bored. When we leave our pets without any stimulation for hours at a time, they become anxious and get into trouble. 

First, try giving them something with your scent to make them feel safe when you're not there. Crate training can also provide feelings of safety if your dog usually wanders the house when you're gone.

However, separation anxiety can go beyond your pet getting into the trash or chewing on something they aren't supposed to. Separation anxiety can be dangerous for your pet if they attempt to escape or consume something toxic.

Despite their angelic behavior when you're home, things can change rapidly when you leave them. If your pet behaves like a different animal when you leave them alone, they probably have separation anxiety. 

CBD can help if you give it to your pet before you leave home. The calming effects of CBD have been shown to lessen anxiety in pets. Just be sure to give it to them for the first time in your presence, so you'll know if they have any adverse reactions. 

Noise Triggers

Maybe your pet is fine when you leave them alone, but noises like fireworks or thunderstorms turn them into a new animal. Noise triggers are common for animals and can be caused by a variety of different environmental stimuli. 

Common examples of noise that can trigger anxiety are thunderstorms, parties, traffic, other dogs, and of course, fireworks.

If your dog suffers from any of these triggers, you may be able to try and prevent it. Give your pet a CBD treat before a large gathering at your home, on the 4th of July, or if there's a big storm coming. 

You may be able to calm their nerves before they get too spooked, saving yourself from an anxious dog and themselves from a stressful situation.

Breed Predisposition

Though many times anxiety is caused by external factors, some dog breeds have a predisposition to it.

Anxiety is most common among small or toy breeds like Jack Russel terriers, Chihuahuas, or King Charles Spaniels. However, other breeds, including Labradors, Vizslas, Border Collies, and shepherds, can also suffer from anxiety.

If you think your pet may be predisposed to anxiety and is starting to show symptoms, ask your vet if they may be experiencing an anxiety or stress disorder.

If you haven't done so already, create and stick to a schedule for your pets. Animals love to have a routine, especially dogs. They like to know when they're going to get food, when they leave the house, and even when to expect you back home!

Give them some time to adjust to the new schedule, and if this still isn't working in your favor, CBD could help to calm their disorder. 

Since pets can be picky about how they like to receive supplements or pills, thankfully, CBD comes in a variety of administration methods. CBD treats are an easy way you may be able to get your dog to eat his supplement. 

Your Pet Suffers From Pain or Illness

CBD has been used to treat chronic illness and pain in animals. Same as it works for humans, CBD can relieve your pets of their pain. 


Osteoarthritis is common in both dogs and cats and can be extremely uncomfortable. Just as humans suffer from chronic diseases like arthritis, dogs, and cats can too. 

Inside our pets' joints, they have cartilage that cushions their bones when they walk, run, or jump. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition that breaks down that cartilage and makes it more difficult for your pet to stay active.

The pain associated with osteoarthritis can be just as bad as it is for humans, which is why they have created CBD creams and oils to treat it. Your pet can also benefit from CBD treatment. 

The CBD can minimize the inflammation in their joints and ease the pain caused by osteoarthritis. Over time, the use of CBD can even improve your pet's quality of life. 


Animals suffering from epilepsy have also been known to benefit from the effects of CBD products. A recent study showed that in dogs who have been diagnosed with epilepsy, consuming CBD seemed to lessen the frequency of episodes.

If your pet also suffers from epilepsy and common seizures, ask your vet about working CBD into their diet. Make sure to always consult with your vet to make sure CBD does not affect any medications they are already taking for their condition.  

Your Pet Has Acute Irritation

"Hot spots" are common in dogs and cats. But they can be concerning.

If your pet is constantly licking, scratching, or whining, they may have acute irritation. This can be from bug bites, allergies, or any number of relating factors.

Topical CBD creams have been known to reduce inflammation and pain in these areas. Rather than using a prescription antihistamine, try a CBD cream or ointment to lessen the pain and inflammation associated with skin irritation. 

If you're looking for CBD advice, check out forums and reviews from people who have used the products you're interested in. You may find certain types of products work better externally, while others work more for internal issues.

Your Pet Does Not Have Liver Issues

Though CBD is safe for animals, studies have demonstrated that consuming CBD can raise liver enzyme levels.

While this would not be harmful to the average pet, be cautious when giving CBD to animals with previously known liver problems or animals who already take medication. The CBD could react with medication also metabolized in the liver.

Scientists and researchers have recommended that for the best pet health advice, refer to your pet's vet.

Take Pet Health Care Into Your Hands

CBD treatment in pet health care is an emerging field of study, but what we know is it's safe and can help alleviate our pet's pain and anxiety. Numerous accounts from pet owners show us that every day more pets are benefiting from the positive effects of CBD.

As a growing industry, you want to make sure you're getting quality American-made CBD treats and oils. Remember, CBD should never contain over .3% THC, as this is toxic for animals.

With its undeniable benefits and results, you can see for yourself, CBD for pets is becoming ever-more popular. Test out CBD with your ill or anxious pet and see their lives improve!