How to Use CBD Oil for Dogs

The CBD market is growing fast, as more and more Americans are curious to try out this cannabinoid. Many people want to try CBD for themselves, but others are curious about what it could do for their pets.

Research says CBD could help people and their furry friends alike manage some health conditions. It could help with everything from seizures to anxiety.

You might want to try CBD for your own pet, but there’s one small snag. You’re wondering how to use CBD oil for your dog.

The good news is there are many different ways you can use CBD oil to help your best friend feel their best. This guide goes over the different methods, as well as some basic guidelines for using CBD with your dog.

The Direct Method for How to Use CBD Oil

The first way to administer CBD oil for dogs is to put it in their mouths. You can use a dropper for this.

Fill the dropper with the appropriate dose of oil. Then insert it as close to the back of your dog’s mouth as possible without gagging them. Squeeze the dropper.

Your dog should swallow most of the oil. Offering their favorite treat immediately after will help ensure it all goes down. It also helps make the experience a positive one, so they won’t start worrying when they see the bottle come out.

Mix CBD Oil into Your Dog’s Food

If your dog reacts poorly to the direct method, you might wonder if there’s an easier way to use CBD oil. You can always try mixing it into their food.

This method works best with wet foods since the oil won’t change the texture. CBD hemp oil for dogs can have a particular taste, so a fussy dog might refuse their food if you do this. Start with a small dose to let your pup get used to the taste, then increase the dose.

If your dog won’t touch their food after you’ve added CBD oil, even in a small dose, there are still other methods you can try.

Treat Them to CBD Oil

Treats are often an effective way to get your dog to take any medicine or supplement. It’s no surprise that treats can be a great way to make sure they’re getting their recommended dose of CBD.

You have a few options for treats too. Many CBD oil producers offer CBD-infused treats. Choose a flavor your dog will love and follow the dosing guidelines on the package.

You can also choose to put CBD oil on other dog treats you already have. This works exceptionally well for smaller dogs who need lower doses of CBD. Larger dogs need larger doses, which can be messy to apply to a treat.

Be sure to use a porous treat that will absorb the oil. Let the oil soak in, then offer the tasty snack up to your dog.

You can also add CBD oil to other treats your dog enjoys, such as cheese or peanut butter. Remember to watch out for harmful substances, like xylitol, in any human food you choose to give your dog. If you pick this route, you’ll also want to be sure to give them this treat in moderate amounts only.

Finally, if you’re talented in the kitchen, you may decide to whip up your own batch of CBD oil-infused treats. There are plenty of DIY recipes online. Be careful to use the right dosing guidelines for your dog, so they’re not getting too much or too little in these homemade snacks.

Use a CBD Soap for Pain

Another option you have is to give your dog their bath or shower with a CBD soap. CBD soaps have oil in them, and they can help with pain management.

It’s also more challenging to give a dog too much CBD this way. You can also use hemp creams or other products for topical application.

These options are great for arthritic joints and other localized pain. They can also help with skin irritation and other ailments.

Find a CBD Product That Tastes Great

If you choose to give your dog an oral dose of CBD oil, then one trick that can help is finding something that your dog loves.

Pay attention to the carrier oil mixed with the CBD oil in whatever product you choose to buy. Coconut oil, for example, is a great choice. Most dogs love the flavor, so they’ll be quite happy to take their recommended dose!

You may need to experiment a little bit to find something that your dog loves. Don’t be discouraged. There are many different products out there, and your dog is almost sure to love one of them.

Always Pay Attention to Dosing Guidelines

Whether you’re giving your dog a dropper of oil or buying treats, it’s important to know dosing guidelines. CBD is relatively harmless, but taking too much can make your dog feel lethargic or sleepy. It may also give them the runs.

Most producers offer dosing guidelines on product labels or on their websites. As a general rule of thumb, you can estimate 0.2 mg CBD oil for every pound of weight. If your dog weighs 50 pounds, then their recommended dose will be 10 mg.

CBD is not toxic to dogs, even if you do happen to give your pup a little bit too much. THC can be harmful or even lethal if too much is given. For that reason, you should always look for hemp-derived CBD products, which have little to no THC.

Your Dog Deserves the Best CBD Can Offer

There are many potential benefits of CBD oil for dogs, and it could help you support your dog’s health. Anyone of these ways how to use CBD oil will help you ensure they get the right dose so that they can feel their best.

Keep in mind that there are many different CBD products out there. If you’re looking for the best CBD oil for dogs, check out the shop. There are plenty of high-quality products designed with your dog’s health in mind.