CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs: An Essential Guide to Using CBD Oil for Pets

CBD oil has gone from something you probably never heard of to the top-selling supplement in the United States. The benefits seem to be innumerable, not just for people, but dogs as well.

If you're thinking about trying CBD oil for your dog, you might not know where to start. Fortunately, there are safe and easy ways to give your pup the right CBD oil dosage for dogs.

Benefits of CBD Oil

There are so many benefits to giving your dog CBD oil. Much like in humans, CBD can help treat seizures, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and certain skin conditions.

It's also thought to help with depression in dogs, loss of appetite, glaucoma, and sleep issues.

More studies are being done all the time, but it's clear from scores of pet owner testimonials that CBD can make a big difference in your furry friend's life.

Types of CBD Oil

There are a few different ways to administer CBD to your pooch.


CBD oil is common and can be added to your dog's food or absorbed into a Milk-Bone. 


If your dog doesn't fight you when taking pills, this could be a simple way to incorporate CBD into their life.


Many companies now make dog treats that deliver CBD. These may be the most fun for your dog and the easiest to give to them.

Safe CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs

One of the first considerations for giving your dog CBD is thinking about how much to give them. If you're new to CBD, it can be intimidating to figure out what dosage to use.

Here are some things to help you determine the right amount to give your dog.

Size and Weight

The weight of your fur baby will help you figure out how much CBD they need. Smaller dogs won't need as much as large breeds to feel relief.

Bigger dogs are going to need a higher dosage to get the desired benefits.

Type of CBD

Depending on which variety you're using, the dosage will vary. Oils and pills give more of a direct dose, while some treats may not have as high of an amount.

Individual Needs

Each dog is different, so you should think about your dog's specific needs. What are you hoping to fix with the CBD, and how severe is the problem?

If your dog only has a little anxiety, you may just need a low dosage. On the other hand, if your pet has some serious issues, think about a higher dose.

Check the Labels

If you're unsure about the right dosage for your dog, check with the manufacturer. They should always have guidelines for their products to help you find the right amount to give your pup.

Final Thoughts

Once you learn a little bit about how to find the right CBD oil dosage for dogs, it's not so daunting. 

The benefits to your 4-legged best friend can make a life-changing difference and keep them happy for years, so give it a try today.